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Opulent living now takes on new meaning!

Newage Kitchens & Bathrooms Ltd is owned by Alan Temple and has traded in Fife since 2003. Alan brought a wealth of experience with him in 2003 when he formed Newage, after completing many projects with other companies.
Image of a custom residential kitchen installed in Fife

Yes, your lifestyle is going to change along with the value of your residential property, if you just pay more emphasis on two of the most frequently used areas of your house: the bathroom and kitchen. By undertaking a complete overhaul of your bathroom and kitchen design, you will not only give your house a facelift but also increase resale value as buyers place a lot of premium on the condition of kitchens and bathrooms since their guests are also going to see these facilities.

Witness the transformation

So, in reality, kitchens and bathrooms reflect your personal tastes and preferences and you need to have a reliable contractor for bathroom installation who can do a brilliant job within the constraints of time and budget. Choosing the right tradesman who enjoys good word-of-mouth publicity is critical, as renovating living spaces is a work of art that needs both time and creativity.

Ignore the low price temptation

As a home-owner who has made the biggest purchase of your life, you should ignore the low price temptation during the kitchen installation process and opt for reputed vendors. These contractors will do a thorough job and offer good value for time and money invested at your end.  They might charge slightly higher prices but they use the best quality materials and even cover their employees with insurance in case of any accidents happening during the renovation process. Communicating your vision to the contractor is important so that he can deliver stunning results by adopting a planned approach to bathroom and kitchen design.

Happy Renovating!


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