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Hotel Renovation

The Hotel Renovation Company Ltd (HRC), was formed to meet the demand for the refurbishment of Hotels, Guest Houses Restaurants, Factories, Offices, Public Buildings etc, in particular in the North of Scotland (Highlands and Islands).

Welcome to The Hotel Renovation Company Ltd (HRC), your premier partner for the comprehensive refurbishment of hospitality and commercial spaces in the vibrant North of Scotland, including the picturesque Highlands and Islands. At HRC, we're dedicated to revitalizing hotels, guest houses, restaurants, factories, offices, and public buildings, infusing them with new life and contemporary elegance.

Upgrade your public areas

Our specialized services are designed to transform your business premises, enhancing both functionality and aesthetic appeal. Dive into our portfolio to explore the breadth of our previous projects and hear directly from our satisfied clients. When you're ready to take the next step towards upgrading your space, reach out to us. A dedicated project manager from our experienced team will connect with you to conduct a thorough survey of your premises, followed by a detailed quotation tailored to your specific needs. Let HRC be your guide to a sophisticated and impactful renovation journey, where quality and customer satisfaction lead the way.

Bathroom renovation in a hotel

Some Areas of Business

Hotel Interiors

Interiors, bedrooms, bathrooms and reception areas.

Pubs / Bars

Refurbish bar areas, toilets and function rooms.

Sports Centres

Gym areas, bar, restaurant and kitchen areas.

Office Areas

Communal work spaces, lavatories and kitchen areas.

Reception Areas

Entrance halls, toilets and presentation rooms.

Toilets / Kitchens

Public toilets and commercial kitchens.

Some projects that we have done recently

West Highland Hotel Mallaig

This family run hotel needed their guest bathrooms refurbished and although it was a fair distance from building supply merchants, we were only too happy to help.

Morar Hotel

This newly acquired hotel in Morar needed a complete overhall to the main building and two back-packers/staff blocks. We did everything from windows to bathrooms as well as new lighting and radiators to carpeting and redecorating.

Golf Club

Ladybank golf club needed their gents toilets and shower area revamped, and their reception area remodelled.

Ratho Climbing Arena

Edinburgh Leisure’s Climbing Arena needed one of their areas completely revamped to suit the needs of one of their tenants.

The whole area was cleared out and new partitioning erected to form office workshop assembly and meeting areas.


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