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Experience a whole new style of living!

Newage Kitchens & Bathrooms Ltd is owned by Alan Temple and has traded in Fife since 2003. Alan brought a wealth of experience with him in 2003 when he formed Newage, after completing many projects with other companies.
Image of a custom residential kitchen installed in Fife

Home is where the heart is and this feeling should reflect in every nook and cranny of the house that you are building for yourself. If you are buying a house, chances are that much of the facilities are already there and you can just move –in and the scope of making changes is less. But if you are constructing a new property from ground up, then you can really ensure that your personal tastes and preferences come to the forefront during the bathroom installation process.

Kitchen design: Make it look awesome!

Kitchen design is another area where you can really innovate as this is one place where you want everything to be just perfect so that cooking can happen seamlessly. Quite often a modular approach to kitchen design works best so that all utensils, appliances, groceries get separate areas and are neatly encased in cabinets so that finding the right ingredient at the right time becomes easy.

Superior Bathroom installation= higher resale value!

Bathroom installation and kitchen design can take the resale value of your house to a whole new altitude. The reason being that property is always bought for its perceived value and never sold. This is a critical difference which seasoned real estate practitioners and tradesman understand and therefore they deliver services accordingly.


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