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Disabled walk in bath installation in fife scotland

Newage Kitchens & Bathrooms Ltd is owned by Alan Temple and has traded in Fife since 2003. Alan brought a wealth of experience with him in 2003 when he formed Newage, after completing many projects with other companies.
Commercial bathroom image supplied by New Age Kitchens and Bathrooms

Another bathroom installed by Newage Kitchens and Bathrooms in Fife, Scotland.

This walk in disabled bath was installed as part of a disabled bathroom fitted in Fife, Scotland. Because of the bath walk in doorway, the disabled person can easily step into the bath and then close the door and either fill the luxurious bath or have a shower. Also the rest of the family can bathe or shower as normal, and the whole set up doesn't look too commercial.


159 Cocklaw St, Kelty KY4 0DH